The Liquid Muse Mixology -- Custom Bartender

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The Liquid Muse Mixology -- Custom Bartender

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The Liquid Muse Mixology
Custom Cocktails for Parties and Personalities

Photo: Art of Mixology Reaches New Heights at 2008 Grand Marnier(R) and NAVAN(R) Summit in Vail - 100 of the Country's Top Mixologists Define the Cocktail Trends-to-Watch

NEW YORK, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- One hundred of the country's top mixologists came together to participate in the 2008 Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit, March 30 - April 1 in Vail, Colorado. Mixology, the art and craft of bartending, pushes the limits of what can be done with the average cocktail, and that's just what the Grand Marnier & NAVAN Mixology Summit set out to accomplish.

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Led by beverage consultant and educator Steve Olson, the participating mixologists (hired as consultants by Grand Marnier and NAVAN) showcased their creativity and skill, each presenting a series of signature cocktails in the Mixology Lab, a "think tank" for the latest trends. The consulting bartenders were also treated to networking sessions and seminars presented by Olson and his team of star mixologists, notably: Andy Seymour, Jacques Bezuidenhout, Leo DeGroff, Don Lee, Jim Meehan, Willy Shine, Aisha Sharpe, Tad Carducci and Phil Ward.

Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, the newly appointed President of Marnier Lapostolle North America, and 6th generation descendant of the founder of GRAND MARNIER(R), hosted the 2008 Mixology Summit on behalf of the privately-held, family-owned company.

GRAND MARNIER(R) is the best selling brand of super premium liqueurs in both the United States and the World. Created in 1880 in Paris, GRAND MARNIER(R) is still produced by the Marnier Lapostolle family to the same exacting quality standards and using the same formulas that have been a family secret for over 175 years. The GRAND MARNIER(R) range of products, which includes the classic Cordon Rouge, the elegant 100th Anniversary and the bold 150th Anniversary, is a blend of the finest and rarest cognacs from France and the natural essence of Caribbean oranges.

NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur from the House of Grand Marnier(R) is crafted in France using the same aging and blending processes as the world famous orange liqueur. NAVAN stands for Natural Vanilla and is made exclusively from hand-picked vanilla beans, harvested from precious orchids in Madagascar.

Top Trends Revealed: Reinventing the Classics with Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier has long been an inspiration to mixologists, and the Mixology Summit reinforced the brand's trendsetting spirit. Today's mixologists may write their own rules -- but they also respect the traditions of their trade. Remastered classics such as the Sazerac, Manhattan, Perfect Storm, and Sidecar showcased the versatility and enduring elegance of Grand Marnier. NAVAN, the newest introduction from the House of Grand Marnier(R), also emerged as a New Classic, exemplified by the NAVAN White Cosmo and Manhattan.

Market-Fresh Ingredients and Flavor Variety

Fresh ingredients, often inspired by the exotic and unexpected such as rhubarb, rosemary and even bacon figured prominently this year. Fresh fruits, purees and juices were a focus of many cocktails as well as savory drinks made with seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs and aromatic spices. Responding to their customers' preference for natural ingredients, mixologists also stirred up progressive libations -- made with natural sweeteners such as Agave nectar, green teas and fresh carrot juice.

Handcrafted Cocktails Reveal "Artisanal Mixology"

Mixologists avoided the artificial and the pre-made in favor of custom, homemade ingredients -- powder mixes, bottled juices, and artificial sweeteners are out, and "artisanal mixology" is the norm for the country's bar stars. An increasing number of mixologists insist on preparing their own mixers, syrups, infusions, and bitters enlivening their craft with new flavor combinations that reflect regionality, personal identity, and tremendous creativity.

Simplicity is the Key to Perfection

The more mixologists move toward ultimate quality, the more we see a shift toward simplicity. The insider's secret to mixology success lies in the art of balance and purity of ingredients. Across the board, the participating mixologists looked to Grand Marnier's outstanding quality and heritage to define today's cocktails as a base ingredient and as an enhancement to lend texture, elegance, and flavor to their creations.

To request a compilation of recipes and trends as revealed by the mixology experts at the 2008 Grand Marnier & NAVAN Mixology Summit please contact Helen Gregory, Alexa Matson, or Rebekah Polster, HG Marketing at 718-403-0097 or e-mail

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Source: Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology

CONTACT: Helen Gregory or Rebekah Polster, both of HG Marketing,
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