New Line From Olde Good Things, Altered Antiques in Downtown

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New Line From Olde Good Things, Altered Antiques in Downtown

Postby TedTrent » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:56 pm

Introducing The New Line From Olde Good Things, Altered Antiques

At Olde Good Things we are always finding new ways to use olde things. Check out some of the new products that we have created from salvaged materials. Some of these items are already in production and can be purchased on our main webstore.

Metal Furniture

We have tons and tons of salvaged metal, from iron fences and gates, to bronze balconies, all just waiting to be reused and renewed. Coming up with new creations on a daily basis, we recycle many materials to create unique designs that are earth-friendly and very stylish...

Wood Furniture

Our wooden furniture is handcrafted with quality salvaged wood from various places. We have a stock pile of mahogany salvaged from hurricane Wilma. We also have white pine beams from...

Tin Products

These unique decorative wall panels are hand-crafted and custom made. The Architecturologists at Olde Good Things carefully salvage the antique ceiling tiles from historic buildings and transform them into interesting and eclectic mirrors, frames, panels, and...


We provide a wide variety of sizes, including mirrors for your bathroom, dining area, and living room. We have mirrors for over your mantel, dressing mirrors for your bedroom, and even large majestic mirrors for your entranceway...

Antique Glass

Old plate windows are becoming increasingly in demand in the design community. The old industrial look cannot be duplicated with new glass. Olde Good Things has a vast supply of wavy, corrugated, chicken wire (in various designs) and...
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