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Best Friends From High School Launched in 2001. Meet Ian Shen and Ted Trent.

Who Are We?

Saint Louis natives Ian Shen and Ted Trent came to L.A. in the 1990's determined to make a difference in your world and theirs. The two freelance artists have established an internet presence on several fronts including promoting Ian's acting career (see Ian in the East West Players performance of "Little Shop of Horrors", February 5 to March 2, 2003) and website talents and Ted's photography and show business management skills. Together, the two have joined forces to create a web site designed to promote the experience of residing in downtown L.A. and to give the user the resources necessary to do a virtual search of the many renovated loft sites that are suitable for business and personal use. Loft Living L.A. was born.

Ted lives in a loft in the industrial district of L.A. The idea to create the sight occurred to him when people attending social gatherings at his home/office would wonder aloud how they could secure such an interesting and multi faceted location for themselves. There simply was no resource giving people an insight to this exciting and expanding style of living that is unique in so many ways.

The original Loft Living LA web sight had simply a few locations of rental lofts and a guide to downtown living. There was no charge as Ted saw the site as a simple community resource. As phone calls began to accumulate from all over Los Angeles and far beyond requesting more and more unsolicited information on loft properties, Ted and Ian decided that a paid-membership site with real resources for locating great living and working spaces would be an exciting new venture for the two computer commerce experts to move towards.

The current Loft Living LA web sight goes way beyond its prototype from the mid 1990's. It can take the user on a virtual tour of over 30 loft properties and provides contacts for prospective dwellers. Loft owners can for free be listed so members can view and tour at their leisure. "This sight streamlines your searching process," according to Trent. "Without this sight, people have to hear about the loft properties simply by word of mouth or hit and miss driving around downtown." With a Loft Living LA membership, users can "virtually" navigate their way around the streets of downtown L.A. from any internet-ready computer in the world!

Visionary Ted Trent and web guru Ian Shen have melded their talents and vision to create a window to the quickly expanding world of living, working and playing in the rejuvenated downtown of America's second largest city.

Thank you for visiting Loft Living LA.

Be sure to tell your friends to visit and click on Loft Living LA!

Image below captured from Internet Archives.

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