• Theodore Trentman

20 years ago, I did something pretty amazing in Downtown Los Angeles.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I was living on my friend Billy's couch in Marina Del Rey back in 1997. I met Billy when we both lived in Knoxville, Tennessee back in 1992. I had just moved to Los Angeles with the plan of shooting photos of actors and models when I was chatting in a gay chat room on America Online. This guy was telling me how he lived in this old factory that had a freight elevator. The minute I heard this I had one goal. Visit this person and check out this type of building they are calling...lofts! Two months later, I was moving into Loft 402 at the Factory Place Lofts near 6th and Alameda. I was renting 1200 square feet for $800 (same loft rents for $2400 today). Everyone who lived in the building thought that price was outrageous in 1997. We laugh about those prices these days. Why am I a loft Realtor in Downtown Los Angeles? It started with a life coaching course I participated in which helped me identify I was fascinated with the concept of living in a loft. What? Yup, a $500 weekend course helped me identify my true passion...loft living. More specifically, lofts in Downtown Los Angeles. So, I put a list of lofts together in Downtown Los Angeles and added a link to my photography website so people could find the information they were seeking. That turned into www.LoftLivingLA.com which was the 1st loft residential website in the history of Downtown Loft Living. We were the ONLY loft residential website for 3 years. So, when you work with me, you are working with the original loft pioneer.


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