• Theodore Trentman

Santa Fe Art Colony Residents Received Eviction Notices

23 long time residents of the Santa Fe Art Colony received eviction notices for paying the California statewide rent specified in the new rent cap law- AB1482 on January 1st. We need the swift implementation of the state law by the city. We cannot, as tenants, fight this alone!

Our owner, a Florida developer called Fifteen Group, doubled and tripled rents on November 1. Tenants applied for help from the City’s new Emergency Renters Relief Program, but Fifteen Group refused the City’s checks and started the process to evict us. The City stepped in swiftly, although Fifteen Group did everything they could to frustrate the implementation of the city ordinance, they finally dropped their attempt to evict us for simply following the law. The City instructed Fifteen Group to lower the rents on January 1 to the rents mandated by AB 1482, but Fifteen Group is now defying the City by continuing to flout state law. On January 1st, twenty-three of our artists paid their rent in accordance with the new state law. Just like in November, Fifteen Group returned our checks and issued 3-day notices, starting evictions once more.

This is where we stand now.

We, as tenants, follow state law and city ordinances, let's have landlords also follow state law and city ordinances.

Please come out tomorrow to support us and other tenants to urge the city to enact rapid implementation of state law AB1482 to stop our evictions!

Los Angeles City Hall, South Steps Friday, January 17, 2020, 9 am

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